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Driveway Apron Expansion Arlington

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A driveway is an excellent investment because it improves the curb appeal and value of your property and serves as a path to your private garage or carport. However, a driveway apron with sufficient space must be installed to ensure that your driveway remains functional and safe 24/7. 

What Is a Driveway Apron and Why Is It Important?

A driveway apron is a portion of your driveway within the public right-of-way, usually located to connect the curb section of the roadway to the property line or front edge of the sidewalk. 

A driveway apron is important because it provides egress and ingress between the public right-of-way and your private property. 

Why Should You Invest in a Driveway Apron?

Even if your driveway is functional on its own, it’s crucial to invest in a driveway apron for the following reasons:

  1. Reinforcement

A driveway apron reinforces the concrete area between your sidewalk and the street curb. If heavy trucks and cars usually drive by your property, a driveway apron can prevent crumbles and cracks on your sidewalks. 

  1. Safety

A driveway apron can smooth down the curb drop-off in your driveway, increasing the safety of the area. A driveway apron can also prevent the concrete from crumbling apart, so the area remains safe to walk or drive on even when the concrete breaks apart. 

  1. Cost-Effectiveness

Investing in driveway apron expansion or installation services is cost-effective because it can help cut costs from repairing your driveway every few years. With a driveway apron, your driveway will be less susceptible to damage. 

How Can Arlington Driveway Repair Help?

Undeniably, a driveway apron is a critical part of your driveway. Without it, driving cars will become a challenge, and people can’t easily enter and exit your property. 

Keep your property safe by investing in our driveway apron expansion services today. Our team at Arlington Driveway Repair is committed to providing the best concrete services to the residents of Atlanta, Texas, and we’d be happy to improve the driveway apron of your property.

We have the equipment, experience, and skills to expand your existing driveway apron to ensure that it provides plenty of space so you can maneuver cars easily. We have been providing concrete services for years, and we’re adept in the process of expanding driveway aprons — from securing the necessary permits to determining the right size for your driveway apron. 

If you don’t have a driveway apron yet, we can also install one in no time! 

Ready To Expand or Install Your Driveway Apron?

If you’re ready to discuss your new and improved driveway apron, reach out to us at (817) 839-2479 or on our contact form to receive a free estimate. When it comes to anything concrete, we’re the best team for the job!